Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dream Catcher DIY

i love vintage crochet doilies and have been obsessively collecting them for some time.  i have framed them, made table runners with them. maybe i will one day have a whole book of ideas on what to do with them.  i saw this idea here and decided to make my own version of it.  i gave it to my friend as a wedding gift and love how simple it was to make and how beautiful it turned out.


embroidery hoop (the inside part without the hardware)
lace or ribbon
thick thread, embroidery floss, or leather cord
crochet doily
charms, beads, crystals, and/or feathers to hang from dream catcher 
chain or cord from which the dream catcher will hang
metal jump ring or wire 

the first step is to make sure that the doily is a good fit for the hoop.  it's better if its a bit smaller so it can just be stretched out.  mine was a bit big and i just stretched it so that it wrapped a little around the hoop. you want it to fit tightly in the hoop.


take pieces of your cord, floss, or thread and tie the edge of the doily all the way around the hoop.  trim the ends so that they are no too long, they will be wrapped under the ribbon /lace.

after you tie the doily all the way around the hoop, you can start wrapping the hoop with the lace or ribbon.  i started by tying it to the hoop itself and covering my knot by wrapping the lace around it.

once the lace/ribbon had completely covered the hoop make another knot to secure it and let a long tail hang. then attach long strips of ribbon/lace to hang from the bottom of the dream catcher alternating in length or in whatever sequence you would like mine were longest in the middle and got shorter as they moved outward. you can use a single color or add different colors. i used mostly white and a tiny bit of pale pink.

find the center of the top of the dream catcher and attach chain 2-3 inches out from it. i attached my chain using jump ring that i hooked to the lace.  if you use ribbon you may need something sharp to poke a hole through it for the jump rings.  if you don't know what  a jump ring is click here. you can find them at micheal's or your local bead store,  you may need some pliers to open/close them depending on the gauge.

use jump rings to secure any other beads or charms and the feathers you can wrap with wire or make leather feathers and use jump rings to attach.  

the jump rings were very easy to use and attach to lace.



i made my own feather using faux leather:


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