Sunday, November 11, 2012

Layering Necklaces

my little hands were very busy last tuesday and i got some new layering necklaces to post up.  they will all be under $40 and perfect for layering over cute fall sweaters or holiday dresses!  there is a good mix of vintage re-purposed and semi precious stones. i hope to have these up on the shop this week.  here is a little peek. have a good week!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I haven't been blogging a lot lately because I've been thinking about this blog and trying to figure out what it is and where it's trying to go. My blog is having an identity crisis. I started blogging as a way to connect with people and also to use it As a scrap book of sorts. A place where my daughters can one day come to and see their lives and what we did. What I was thinking, things they liked, recipes, snippets of life. But I also wanted to use it as a place where I could post shop news and updates.  I think that I've overloaded my poor blog and given it too many hats to wear.  So I have made a decision to separate my personal blog entries from my shop entries.  Clearly because of the name of this blog this will be where I post shop news and updates.  I will now be blogging about cooking, kids, family and the craziness that happens in life at if you would like to follow along there you are welcome to if not that's cool too feel free to look around.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Neon DIY Ideas

we've lost the sunshine again temporarily and we've got gray skies.  but its ok, i am happi got to take advantage of the beautiful clear skies and sunset yesterday! it was our 5th anniversary and we drove to the beach to catch the sunset and gaze at the stars.  it was the sweetest thing ever. we packed a picnic and champagne and just enjoyed each others company.  but more on that later.  today i am trying to bring some color into my life to brighten up this gray weather.  i think we will be using neon to paint some driftwood we found on our beach trip.  yaaay! happy friday!

Friday, June 15, 2012

mommy and me swimwear

Justine and i are linking up a summer style post!  check out her blog for some fun accessorizing ideas while checking out some swimwear here.  i have been somewhat dreading the nicer weather. i know. crazy! the main reason is that nicer weather = less clothes and water activities with the kids which mostly require....dun-dun-dun: swimwear! aaaagggh! for some this may not be so dreaded. lucky you. for me, well, lets just say i'm not quite comfortable in one yet. maybe i just haven't found 'the one' at least that's what i'm hoping.  here is my wishlist. of things i need to try because they look so cute on the model.  but really i think these would work on those well know 'trouble mommy areas' even the two piece ones are high waisted which if you haven't tried you must!  it's a good way to wear a two piece and still feel covered enough. 

and for the little humans:  some really adorable patterns and silver lame-- i had to!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Pacific Northwest Blogger Meetup

i hope everyone had an awesome weekend! i know i did and i got a late start on today because the dude took the kids out of the room and let me sleep in until 11:30! the unheard of part is that i was actually able to do it! sometimes when i try to sleep in i just cant and ending getting up anyway.  i'm no early riser; i get up around 9am and i'm lucky my kids usually sleep until then also.  no morning people in this house! 

anyway back to the awesome weekend. we had the pacific northwest blogger meet up on friday at lucky lab. it was so much fun to meet some very talented ladies.  it's always nice to put a real live person with all the unique details you know about their life.  it still weirds me out though and makes me feel stalker-ish but i guess we are all putting our lives out there for people to peek into.  it's quite voyeuristic in a unique way because it also allows us to connect with people we may not have otherwise.  morel of the story: it was a good time and nice to physically meet other awesome bloggers.  i didn't realize there was so many in portland alone, super looking forward to the next one in november! its official!

i wanted to share some pictures from the event.  the first two are courtesy of miss fiona - thank you!!

in this photo: chelsey, myself, mandyand moorea

fiona, chelsey, myself, and moorea


beautiful illustrations and shoes belong to Rachele from the nearsighted owl

mandey, and andrea

nannette and mandey

jenni and julie

it was so much fun and i really hope that those that couldn't make it this time around can make it in november.  it is going to be a bigger venue and a larger group of awesome bloggers. 


Friday, May 25, 2012

Thrifting Thursday: Ooops!

i recently discovered that blogger has a feature where you can schedule a post to automatically publish.  it's really awesome except when you click on the wrong date.  oops. this post was meant for friday morning but here we are.  heheheee. 

one of my favorite thrift stores is the Union Gospel Mission.  its not super close to my house but its close enough and they always have the best prices.  these days it seems goodwill charges way too much for their stuff which is donated to them so i don't understand.  but whatever.  i go to the other thrift stores before hitting up the goodwill, so there.  on this trip to UGM (sounds like a fancy european department store right? ok, maybe not) I was on a mission to find a cookie jar and i had $7, i know a challenge.  i didn't find ANY cookie jars but i did find:

*one vintage sequin going out purse (because i go out ALL the time, just kidding!)

 *one really awesome copper plate reproduction- copper plates are etched then filled with ink to make prints this is a reproduction of the plate not the print which i thought was kinda cool. at least that's what i think i could be way off but i'm sticking to that story.

*one small brass elephant to add to my collection (this is the first), i found out that this specific elephant is good luck because of the raised up position of its trunk.  i will now only buy elephants with their trunks pointing up.  
*one awesome scalloped metal frame which i will probably use as a trinket tray because i like the edge so much, we'll see. 
*5- assorted porcelain plates and one shot glass, which i plan on converting into something like this to hold my many rings and other small accessories.

and last but not least a super awesome shirt with little tiny animals and triangles printed all over it. 

but the best part is that i only spent $6!!!  whaaaaaat! i know, so awesome. i wish every trip was like this. but it's not, so i will take today! hope you're all having a fantastic weekend! cheers!!

linking up with Harper's Happenings

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dream Catcher DIY

i love vintage crochet doilies and have been obsessively collecting them for some time.  i have framed them, made table runners with them. maybe i will one day have a whole book of ideas on what to do with them.  i saw this idea here and decided to make my own version of it.  i gave it to my friend as a wedding gift and love how simple it was to make and how beautiful it turned out.


embroidery hoop (the inside part without the hardware)
lace or ribbon
thick thread, embroidery floss, or leather cord
crochet doily
charms, beads, crystals, and/or feathers to hang from dream catcher 
chain or cord from which the dream catcher will hang
metal jump ring or wire 

the first step is to make sure that the doily is a good fit for the hoop.  it's better if its a bit smaller so it can just be stretched out.  mine was a bit big and i just stretched it so that it wrapped a little around the hoop. you want it to fit tightly in the hoop.


take pieces of your cord, floss, or thread and tie the edge of the doily all the way around the hoop.  trim the ends so that they are no too long, they will be wrapped under the ribbon /lace.

after you tie the doily all the way around the hoop, you can start wrapping the hoop with the lace or ribbon.  i started by tying it to the hoop itself and covering my knot by wrapping the lace around it.

once the lace/ribbon had completely covered the hoop make another knot to secure it and let a long tail hang. then attach long strips of ribbon/lace to hang from the bottom of the dream catcher alternating in length or in whatever sequence you would like mine were longest in the middle and got shorter as they moved outward. you can use a single color or add different colors. i used mostly white and a tiny bit of pale pink.

find the center of the top of the dream catcher and attach chain 2-3 inches out from it. i attached my chain using jump ring that i hooked to the lace.  if you use ribbon you may need something sharp to poke a hole through it for the jump rings.  if you don't know what  a jump ring is click here. you can find them at micheal's or your local bead store,  you may need some pliers to open/close them depending on the gauge.

use jump rings to secure any other beads or charms and the feathers you can wrap with wire or make leather feathers and use jump rings to attach.  

the jump rings were very easy to use and attach to lace.



i made my own feather using faux leather: